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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend World Congress on Psychiatry & Psychological Syndromes Rome, Italy.

Day 2 :

Keynote Forum

Tony Tran

American Psychological, Psychotherapy and Psychiatrist Associations, USA

Keynote: Steps to explore the proper formations which deals with ethnic/immigrant mental health issue
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Tony Tran is the Associate Member of American Psychological, Psychotherapy and Psychiatrist ( ONLINE ) Associations... He is the International expert in the Ethnic/Cultural Diversity Consultant/Consulting and Moderator... He founded the INTERNATIONAL ETHNIC/IMMIGRANT MENTAL HEALTH PROJECT and serves as the consultant in the areas of Ethnic/Immigrant/Immigration for medical clinics and hospitals, school districts and higher education and different law firms and Law enforcement agencies... His TransTronics company provides the Electronic Medical Record platform and Tony tran Associates has been known of being the champion for cultural diversity... Visit his Linked IN page at Tony Tran BFA-DE... This page has been translated to 50+ languages on Bing and 70+ languages on Yahoo.


As the expert in the Ethnic and Cultural Diversity and in dealing with the psychological problem and/or treatment... I have come up with a formation to provide the treatment better bases on the ethnicity uniqueness and cultural background...In the discovery process we must:1/ Discover the problem from the cultural angle ( The Vietnameses do not believe in the mental health problem ) 2/ Find out the cause ( The oriental people believe that mental health is the curse, and a shame in the family ) 3/ Long term understanding ( The devil element). In the treatment process I have develop 10 steps formation : 1/ Establish the Trust 2/ Create the communication channell3/ Suggest the approach4/ Agreement contract 5/ Treatment plan6/Actual treatment 7/ Follow up service 8/ Adjustment and evaluation 9/ Assessment and 10/ contituining treatment. All of the above will be the subject for exploring further and become the issues for group discussion.

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Prof. Dr. C.P Abdolrasoul Aleezaadeh completed his Post Doctorate in (Psychology) at Approach of: Applied Clinical Cognitive Neuropsychology from USA. Prof. Dr. Aleezaadeh Completed his PhD Degrees in Psychology at the USA. He completed his master's Degree in Clinical Psychology at I. R. of the IRAN and bachelor's Degree in General Psychology at I. R. of the IRAN. He is Full Expert International Faculty Professorship Member in the Brooklyn Central University, the USA, Associate Expert International Faculty Professorship Member in the University of Pacific Albion, the USA and, Associate Expert International Faculty Professorship Member in the Green Lake (Green Lake) University, the USA. Now he is working as an Assistant Professor at P.N.U and, U.A.S.T Universities; I.R. of IRAN



Since the high degree of knowledge and, family effects are as two factors in family members confrontation or facing with schizophrenics, creation of suitable family atmosphere and, decreasing of schizophrenia relapse (recurrence) – both on in-patients and, out-patients -, then, teaching of the family members especially, parents; based on a standard provided notebook or, guide book at classical, roleplaying and, workshop situation or, condition is an unavoidable element of schizophrenia management and even, in its partial treatment beside its pharmacotherapy


Meta-analysis of retrospective descriptive study (Verbal and, non-verbal family quality in confrontation or, facing with schizophrenics index content-related reliability questionnaire; Families’ member questionnaire of relationship and, quality of confrontation or, facing with schizophrenia and, schizophrenics evaluation; and, Schedule of reducing, duration and, severity factors of anger or, rage and, aggression factors in schizophrenics)  


By notice to this subject that taking advantage of the experiences of members of the informed groups, auditory and, visual awareness and, assertion of the family members to manage of prevention, rehabilitation and, treatment of schizophrenia is necessary part of their Treatment Plans; so, teaching of schizophrenics’ close members especially, their family members for inhibition of their emotionally expresses – both normal and, schizophrenic patients -, awareness to their needs – both parents, family members and, schizophrenics and, comparison of these together –, affections, feelings and, sensations, playing a key role to prevent of relapse (recurrence) of the illness. For reaching to this point and, level; teaching themes must be consider educational and, training dimensions of the schizophrenics.